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Il World Festival on the Beach

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Mondello, lays along an enchanting gulf, near Palermo in Italy, between Monte Pellegrino and Capo Gallo; it is the most important seaside resort in Sicily. In the last decade, it went through an extraordinary touristic development. It offers excellent hotels and a lot of entertainment activities.
The town of Mondello with its quite temperated weather even in winter, is one of the most popular seaside resorts.
In the far north of the bay, there is a picturesque fishing village. In the centre of Mondello a Saracen tower and the ruins of an old castle stand out on the seafront. Palermo is situated in the middle of the well known 'Conca d'Oro' in the framework of the majestic Madonie mountains. The countless monuments of this city, so extraordinarily rich in art treasures, cover four historical ages: the architecture of the Arab-Norman period, the artistic expression of the late Middle-Age and of the Renaissance, the sumptuous profusion of the Baroque in the XVI and the decorative genius of the XVIII centuries artists.
The earliest traces of man and his creativity in the area around Palermo date back to the last part of the high paleolithic period, when evidences of a primitive civilization were discovered in Monte Pellegrino.
Twelve thousand years ago High Paleolithic man lived in these caves in front of the Tirrenian Sea on Monte Pellegrino.