Windsurf Magazine
The official magazine of Mistral Olympic Class
is published by
Albaria Windsurfing Club Italy.

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    General Information

    Editorial office:
    Albaria Windsurfing Club
    Via LibertÓ, 91 - 90143 Palermo (Italy)
    Tel. 0039 91308823 pbx
    Fax 0039 91342402/349088
    Director: Vincenzo Baglione
    Editor in chief: Osvaldo Esposito
    Editorial assistant: Angelo Morello, Irene Tagliavia
    Desk Top Publishing: VIDUE
    Advertising: Pubblimar
    IMCO International office:
    3 Burlington House, 41 Wandle Road, London SW17 7DL
    Tel/Fax/Ans 081 6823779
    Executive Secretary: Rory Ramsden
    Secretary: Liz Ramsden


    Windsurf Magazine is the Official Mouthpiece of the International Mistral Class Organisation (IMCO) and is published quarterly. IMCO is the Olympic Windsurfing One Design Class, dedicated to organising the best Regattas round the World at Local, National, Continental and World level as well as representing its members to the International Sailing Authorities and the World at large.

    Windsurf Magazine covers all the major international regattas, analyses the technical development as they happen both on and off the water and carries news and views from the National Class Organisations and top level competitors be they training for the Olympic Games or racing in Youth or Masters Fleets. Articles are intended to keep everyone abreast of the developments in the sport, supported by colour photography and often written by competitors in the thick of the action in a dynamic style, thus appealing to a broad readership. Advance news will be given on up-coming events & attractions and surveys of current opinions will be sought.

    Our readership who regularly participate in 2-3 different sports weekly, is between the ages of 15 and 45, well educated and from the ABC1 socio-economic groupings with a keen interest in International Travel, Ecological & Environmental matters as well as having a good time both on and off the water. Often highly trained, our more mature readers have well paid and demanding jobs and seek the best at work or at leisure.

    IMCO magazine is available in 45 countries in the world. The mailing is free to all members of IMCO and those interested in our affairs with a circulation of between 30.000 and 40.000. All advertising rates apply to page ready artwork. Additional origination work on trasparencies, typesetting, layout etc.. will incur extra charges.